Vovo Finance is a structured products protocol that offers a variety of products catering to users with different risk profiles. Vovo offers products including principal protected products and yield enhancements products.

  • Principal Protected Products: Stand a chance to earn large profits without the risk of losing a gwei. The first product is built by integrating Curve with GMX perpetual swap exchanges on Arbitrum.

  • Yield Enhancement Products: Earn high returns by taking the risk of your choice.

The advantages of Vovo Finance include:

  • Fully automated without off-chain dependency on market makers. Most current structured products projects suffer the risk of centralization or liquidity shortage. Due to the lack of on-chain option liquidity, most source the liquidity from a few market makers off-chain each week. Vovo, however, is an autonomous protocol that sources its liquidity fully from other onchain DeFi pools, without the need to trust any third party.

  • For the users with different risk preferences and market views: Vovo is designed for both the risk-averse and the daring, the bulls and the bears.

  • An organic yield. Most DeFi protocols’ high APY is sustained by governance token emissions, but the runway is short before APY drives the token price over a cliff. Vovo Finance allows users to earn an organic yield from derivatives regardless of market conditions.

  • Easy access to on-chain financial instruments. Vovo democratizes derivatives and interest rate products for those without deep financial knowledge.

  • Passive investing and cost saving. Achieving a certain risk profile requires consistently trading and rebalancing, which is expensive on-chain. Since Vovo’s keeper handles the rolling activities for all users via an aggregated pool, it greatly reduces the operational and gas cost.

Over the long term, Vovo aims to become an ecosystem that unlocks unlimited volume offerings of passive investing by allowing users to invest into products with customized payoffs.

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