User Guide

After opening, you will see all the glp vaults in yellow color:

Deposit GLP tokens

After clicking into the vault that fits your market view, you can see the description of the vault and make the deposit. If you have GLP tokens in your wallet, you can select GLP in the selection list. You first need to click Approve GLP to give permission to the vault contract to spend your USDC.

Then you can click the Deposit button to deposit the amount you want. After the deposit is successful, you will see a notification.

Deposit non-GLP tokens

If you do not have GLP tokens, you can choose to deposit other tokens by maing the selection in the supported list. The vault will convert your token to GLP first and then making the deposit. A small fee might be charged by GMX for the GLP conversion.


You have the options of withdrawing GLP tokens or other supported tokens. If you withdraw GLP tokens, the GLP will be staked back to GMX where you can continue to accrue rewards directly from GMX.

If you withdraw other tokens, the staked GLP tokens will be converted back to the token of your choice before the withdraw. A small fee might be charged by GMX for the GLP conversion.


If you ever change your market view, to be bearish on BTC or become bullish/bearish on ETH instead, you can go to the Transfer tab, and transfer your GLP into another vault with one click.

Allowed Time of Deposit/Withdraw/Transfer

Since there's a cooling time required by GMX when buying/selling/transferring GLP, we implemented a time window for user actions to ensure a smooth experience of users. Deposit and transfer are allowed from each Tuesday to Sunday, and withdraw is allowed each Monday.

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