User Guide

After opening, you will see the principal protected vaults in blue color:


After clicking into the vault that fits your market view, you can see the description of the vault and click the Deposit button. You first need to click Approve USDC to give permission to the vault contract to spend your USDC.

Then you can click the Deposit button to deposit the amount you want. After the deposit is successful, you will see a notification.


You can withdraw your fund anytime you want, but you are advised to keep the fund in the vault until the vault is profitable for the week.

Note: users are recommended to keep the fund in the same vault till the vault is profitable for the week. Withdraw before the vault is profitable may suffer a small loss. The percentage of the loss is approximately equal to (pending Curve yield + pending GMX margin) at the time of the deposit divided by total vault holdings as explained in the section before.


If you ever change your market view, to be bearish on BTC or become bullish/bearish on ETH instead, you can go to the Transfer tab, and transfer your fund into another vault with one click.

Note: same as mentioned above for withdraw, instant transfer after deposit may have a small loss.

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